About me :

Currently, I am a PhD student in applied mathematics. My main field of study is dynamical systems.

I have started my PhD degree at the department of mathematical sciences of Isfahan university of technology since September 2013.


Educations :

  • 2003-2007  

B.Sc. in pure mathematics at Bu-Ali Sina university.


  • 2007-2009

M.Sc. in applied mathematics at the department of mathematical sciences,Isfahan university of technology.

Title of the thesis : Hilbert`s 16th problem for classical Lienard equations of even degree. 

Supervisor : Prof. Hamidreza Zohouri Zangene.


  • 2013-present

PhD in dynamical systems at the department of mathematical sciences, Isfahan university of technology.

Supervisor : Dr. Rasoul Asheghi.

Research Interests :

  • Dynamical systems
  • Perturbation theory and limit cycles.